Class Descriptions

All classes at this yoga studio are heated. (reiki and sound healing excluded)

Energy Flow

The energy of the room will determine the pace of this class. This is a beginner friendly, all levels vinyasa class designed to be accessible to all. Find your energy and strength no matter where you are on your yogic journey.

Power Vinyasa

You will be brought right into the breath and body as you flow through the meditative movement of asana. You will be challenged to stay focused and balanced and rise from savasana renewed.

Vinyasa Restore

A gentle mix of Restorative Yoga and Gentle Vinyasa Flow, this class is designed to calm the mind, restore the body, and heal the breath. Find deep stretches and long holds as you use bolsters and props to guide movement. Awaken from savasana to feel refreshed and restored.


The Alternative Night Out. A class all in black lights, the dark setting is meant to guide your minds eye inward, so that your focus is brought to the breathe and body. With less focus on alignment, this upbeat class features electronic and dubstep beats. Come have fun and let your asana glow. All levels welcome!

Slow Flow

This is your bridge from Restorative yoga with Vinyasa. That's not to say this is an easy class. Although gentle, the slow pace and the slightly longer holds will help you build muscle tone and strength. Find your breath and explore how prana guides movement.