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November 18, 2019

Yoga with Lian Newsletter 11/18/2019

How has everyone's gratitude practice been this month? Have you been tuning in to what you might need as the holidays and winter season approaches? Why a gratitude practice? When we cultivate gratitude, we are recognizing the abundance within ourselves and honoring compassionately where we are at in our journeys. Gratitude, and a sense of eudaimonia-- that is, a sense of meaning, flourishing, prosperity, and dharma-- can literally turn off genes that increase inflammation within the body and decrease the immune system. Gratitude is not an emotion or a state of life; it is a practice. The practice of gratitude changes the.....

November 01, 2019

Yoga with Lian Newsletter 11/1/2019

Happy November! This month we explore Gratitude. And it may seem cheesy or corny to talk about gratitude during the month of November. But! Gratitude is a practice worth exploring because it's not an emotion to be regulated or something dependent on a result. It is a practice of surrendering expectation and realizing that you can direct your focus to those aspects of your situation that reveal ....

October 15, 2019

Yoga with Lian Newsletter 10/15/2019

Half way through October! Are you "fall"ing in love with your practice this season? (very punny) For the rest of this month, we are going to explore Savasana. They say it's the most important pose, but why? Savasana, meaning "corpse pose" is a pose of active rest. It is the pose we return to at the end of each practice once we've done our work. The body, mind, and spirit have an opportunity now to act

September 01, 2019

Yoga with Lian Newsletter 9/1/2019

...and just like that, it's September. This month we will be exploring Ujjayi (victorious) pranayama. It's that audible breath you might hear while you are flowing in class. You can begin to explore the sensations of this breath practice by taking a couple exhales out as if you are going to fog a mirror. Now try that again, but this time keep the mouth closed and continue to fog up that mirror, allowing the breath to exit via the nose. It's almost the same sensation as when you take an exasperated sigh out. The breath is warmed, the sound is grounding, and the core and diaphragm press

August 01, 2019

Yoga with Lian Newsletter 8/1/2019

The August heat is here! This month we will take the strength we found in expressing and exploring our authentic truths and turn to the yoga niyama "tapas". Tapas can be translated to mean "self-discipline", although the word tapas truly means "heat". It is our effort to become our most radiant self. When you find yourself in flow, or even in stillness as you find that dristi of your intention. You become aware of that heat within you. When you show up to your mat to work out excess energy, use the breath to "detox" the body, that heat is your work, your discipline, you...

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