Reiki is a form an alternative medicine and energy healing. The idea is that the Reiki Practioner (myself) acts as a conduit through which universal energy, life force energy, prana, qi, chi, ki, divinity, God, or whatever you may call it can flow and offer healing to the recipient. Traditionally reiki healing is accessed via the hands and palms, and energy is sent into the recipients body. Experiences vary from session to session.

I use essential oils, singing bowls, mantra, tunining forks, cards, crystals, and other modalities to augment the reiki healing sessions. Sessions can be performed either at my location or I can also travel to you at your convenience. ​


Reiki can be used to offer both physical, emotional, and energetic relief and offer you support where you need it. Reiki can be done to both humans, plants, and animals as well. It is gentle and painless. Each session can be catered to each individual's needs.

Disclaimer: Reiki is not a replacement for medical care. Please consult your physicians as necessary.