Sound Healing

Sound Healing is the practice of utilizing different sounds and vibrations to offer physical, mental, emotional or energetic shift. Each experience is different. Some recipients experience colors, others sensations in the bodies, others images,  or lights. The concept behind sound healing is that ever single thing is this universe is vibrating at a certain frequency, from the movement of galaxies, to our skin cells, to atoms. Even earthquakes can shake the foundation of even the most grounded building. Imagine all that can happen when you send a powerful and intentional vibration through the body and mind!

I utilize sanskrit chanting, crystal singing bowls, gong, tuning forks, rattles, and elements of Korean sound healing (pansori, samulnori, gut) to facilitate the sound healing sessions.

Group Sound Baths are held at the studio periodically. (Check out

News + Events) Attending a sound bath, make sure you wear

comfortable clothing appropriate props to support you! It is a

receiving meditative practice. All you need to do is listen and receive 

the vibrations offered.

Please contact me for any sound healing collaborations or requests including

but not limited to:

  • Private Event/Corporate Sound Baths

  • Private Group Events/Parties

  • Weddings/Ceremonies

  • Showers

  • Individual Sound Healing Session

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